"Our family has not only dedicated itself
to the production of simple products,
but to the creation of consummateabsolute
moments of pleasure." 

Jean-Pierre Heintz, in the spring of 1853.


The things we enjoy also evolve - largely shaped by large and small innovations that make the use of tobacco in its present form, variety and quality possible in the first place. Many of these ideas come from us.


We therefore have continuously improved our production technology in terms of quality and effectiveness. We have developed new tobacco products that meet the  taste, lifestyle, but also the handling requirements of  people who enjoy life just for the pleasure of it. Some of these are produced in our subsidiaries, which have the freedom to independently develop new products. This openness makes us one of the most innovation-friendly companies in our industry.


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Landewyck's headquarter in Luxemburg

Cellulose-based cigarette filters are manufactured in the  Ettelbrück factory. The six production machines turn out more than two billion filters per year, which roughly averages eight million a day.  End to end, the daily output of filters would measure 1,000 kilometers. Landewyck has highly automated systems that help to ensure  the company’s competitiveness at the highest level. Today's state-of-the-art machines can produce nearly 10,000 cigarettes per minute.


The plants in Luxembourg can reach a peak production output of 45 to 50 million cigarettes per day. The Hollerich plant also has a graphics department that allows the group to develop its own designs and custom packaging.

There is also an efficient, modern printing shop with a staff of 50 people in Hollerich. This is where packaging materials are printed for the Group's products in numerous different formats.


The group also produces a variety of different rolling and tubing tobaccos in the various  Landewyck



















Hungarian Factory

Torrekens Tobacco Belgium
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Torrekens Tobacco Belgium
Parc de l'Alliance-Batiment B

Avenue de Finlande 2
B-1420 Braine l'Alleud

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E-Mail: info@ttbelgium.be

Torrekens Tobacco Belgium

Torrekens Tobacco Belgium was created by the merger of Heintz van Landewyck Belgium and the family business Torrekens  Tabakindustrie. Currently some 40 employees are working here. Torrekens Tobacco Belgium is present in the cigarette and the tobacco market (rolling / tubing tobacco) and also sells smoking accessories such as tubes, filters, cigarette injectors, etc.

The product portfolio includes the following brands: Elixyr, Splendid, Ducal, 't Haantje, Avanti, Che, Ziggy and ENERGY.